Nitshill Memories


‘Nitshill Memories’ is an intergenerational oral history project capturing the rich social history of Nitshill, a former mining village once located in Renfrewshire and now incorporated into the wider Glasgow area. Nitshill has a rich, though little-known history, but,  as we are finding out, its current and former residents have wonderful memories of the village and the close community spirit which, it might be argued, still exists, especially through these current troubled times.

Nitshill volunteers have been at the centre of this project throughout. Some worked with Dr Sue Morrison, a professional oral historian to research and write this book or to interview their friends and neighbours, others have shared their stories and memories with us, whilst others have helped us to film events or organise exhibition materials. Youngs people also got involved, assisting with interviews, filming, and events, and coaxing their older relatives to talk to us. Thank you, all.

Iris Larkin coordinated the project activities on our behalf and worked with volunteers to produce written testimony and audio clips for the online oral history archive. These digital products are available to view on the project website.

We are grateful to National Lottery Heritage Fund, National Lottery Players, Oral History Research & Training Consultancy, and Communities Past & Futures Society, for their generous support, and, in particular, we extend our deep gratitude to everyone who participated in this hugely successful project.

Donald John MacLean (Chair)

Glasgow Story Collective                                                                                                April 2020