Audio Clips One

Oral Testimony

Aitken Janette on Star sister and Free dinners and Peever War

Armour Janette On Sweets And New Neighbours And First Job

Arnott Margaret On New House And Teenage Discos And Fashion

Barnes Jean On Games And School And Shops

Borland Carol On Neighbours And Concerts And Hating High School

Brady Martin On Lulu And Head Injury And Leamington Spa

Cameron Margaret On Family And Neighbours And Employment

Carlton Rena On Victoria Pit And Dr Gerber And War Fire Warden

Cassells Joe On A Legless Neighbour And First Job And Poll Tax

Cassidy Kathleen On Poacher And High School And Barrhead Woolie Works

Cook Elizabeth On House And Bingo Win And Drama

Corstorphine Victoria On Bad Teacher And Swimming And Neighbourhood

Dodds Alex On Gallowgate House And Neighbours And Local Pubs

Dunbar Sandra On Family And Holidays And Teenage Life

Foy Eddie On School And The Red Hills And Clark Gable

Gaughan Lillian On Kitchen And Ice Hockey And Nice Memories

Larkins Kathleen On Old Garden Shed And High School And Getting Shopping On Tick

Logue Catherine On House And Bunking Off School And Career

Martin Anne Taylor Marjorie Orr Anne On Local Chatracters And Feeling Inferior And Halloween

McBride John Paul On Setting Fire To The Grass And Private School And Teddy Boy Trousers