Filmed Interview Excerpts Two

Oral Testimony

Margaret Cameron - nae health & safety

Carol Borland - holidays in Girvan

Margaret Cameron - playing places

Martin Brady - Lulu and the Luvvers

Carol Borland - early career aspirations

Margaret Cameron - rent office inside houses

Carol Borland - young teenage pastimes

Margaret Cameron - unable to spell

Margaret Cameron - when the new scheme was built

Carol Borland - describes Nitshill transport services

Bert Wallace - teaching - old school discipline

Martin Brady - home & community

Margaret Cameron - mum took kids to various schools

Martin Brady - experienced a severe childhood accident

Carol Borland - shops & vans

Martin Brady - getting up to mischief

Joseph Cassells - apprenticeship & career at Rolls Royce

Bert Wallace - mining cottages

Joseph Cassells - would like more community events

Martin Brady - secondary school

Carol Borland - school and play

Joseph Cassells - the walks around Nitshill

Martin Brady - talks about his family