Filmed Interview Excerpts One

Oral Testimony

Carol Borland - recalls Nitshill pubs

Margaret Cameron - comes from a large family

Bert Wallace - Nitshill pubs

Joseph Cassells - past events & recent Armistice Parade

Carol Borland - not taught about local history

Margaret Cameron - Mum has to sign for sister's operation

Carol Borland - describes family and home

Bert Wallace - describing old Nitshill

Carol Borland - remembers Mrs McTaggart

Joseph Cassells - discusses water courses causing instability

Carol Borland - health services & sex education

Joseph Cassells - retirement & church duties

Carol Borland - work history

Margaret Cameron - aunt saves kids from house fire

Carol Borland - recalls many of her neighbours

Margaret Cameron - brothers birth, window blown in & cow visiting her close

Joseph Cassells - recalls the latter days of Newfield Square

Carol Borland - Nitshill community

Margaret Cameron – Halloween

Bert Wallace - Lulu, woods & bogies