Coal Mining & the Victoria Pit Disaster The Victims

The History

Coal Mining & the Victoria Pit Disaster

The Victims

Thomas Allison, unmarried, grandson to James Kerr
James Baxter, married, brother of Joseph Baxter, born Pollockshaws, age 23
Joseph Baxter. unmarried, brother of James Baxter, born Pollockshaws, age 171/2 years 
John Bell, married, born Ireland, age 35
Robert Black, married
Joseph Brighton, married, born England, age 22 years 6 months
James Buchanan, son of Neil Buchanan Snr,
Neil Buchanan Jnr.
Neil Buchanan Snr.
John Campbell, unmarried
Neil Carlan, unmarried
Andrew Carson, married
John Cochrane, married
David Colville, married
Felix Connolly, son of Thomas Connolly
John Connolly, married
Thomas Connolly
Dennis Crossan, unmarried, son of Patrick Crossan
Patrick Crossan, father of Dennis Crossan
James Dodds, married, born Hurlet, age 31
Andrew Gebbie Jnr., brother of David Gebbie, born Hurlet, age 9
Andrew Gebbie Snr. father of Andrew and David Gebbie, born Hurlet, age 40
David Gebbie, son of Andrew Gebbie Snr, brother of Andrew Gebbie Jnr., b. Hurlet, age 11
Henry Gibbs, married
James Hammond, brother of John Hammond, son of Peter Hammond
John Hammond, son of Peter Hammond, brother of James Hammond
Peter Hammond, father of James and John Hammond
Francis Hughes, unmarried, brother of Thomas Hughes
Thomas Hughes, unmarried, brother of Francis Hughes
Michael Irving, unmarried
Patrick Keenan, unmarried
Connel Kerr, married, brother of James Kerr
James Kerr, married, brother of Connel Kerr, grandfather of Thomas Allison
Bernard Martin, married
John Maxwell, unmarried, born Paisley, age 40
Samuel McDowell, unmarried
Joseph McIllwam, married, born Ireland, age 45
Joseph McIllwam, nephew of Joseph McIllwam, born Ireland, age 11
Samuel McIllwam, nephew of Joseph McIllwam, born Ireland, age 14
James McLachlan, married
John McMachlan, married
John McMillan, married and son of William McMillan, born Paisley, age 13
William McMillan, father of John McMillan, born Invernessshire, age 40
John Mulholland, married
Felix O’Neill, unmarried
Patrick O’Neill, married
James Poole, widower (listed as Powal or Poole in Abbey Parish OPR, Paisley), born Ireland, age 34
Thomas Samson, unmarried
Thomas Scott
William Scott, son of Thomas Scott
Charles Shields, father of James Shields, brother of John Shields
James Shields, unmarried, son of Charles Shields
John Shields, unmarried, brother of Charles Shields
John Smith, married
John Smith, married, brother of Richard Smith
Michael Smith, unmarried
Richard Smith, unmarried, brother of John Smith
Matthew Speirs, unmarried, born Hurlet, age 46
Peter White, father of Thomas White (listed as Peter Whyte in Abbey Parish OPR, Paisley), born Hurley, age 39
Thomas White, unmarried and son of Peter White (listed as Thomas Whyte in Abbey Parish OPR, Paisley), born Crossmill, age 16
George Whiteside, unmarried, son of Robert Whiteside
Robert Whiteside, father of George Whiteside
John Williamson, unmarried