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Nitshill Memories

"Events and Celebrations"

Speaking about the original Nitshill Parish Church, Margaret said:

Yes, it was on Pinmore Street. The early locals called it the Kirk Brae. There was a minister's house on that property when I was a child in the 1940s. It was referred to as ‘The Manse’. Next to it was a decent sized hall. In earlier times it may have been the church. Up through the 1950s it was known as the Boys' Brigade (BB) Hall. Occasional BB Friday night dances were held. For the younger boys, there was a yearly gymnastic display, it was always well attended by locals. It was like the Nitshill Olympics! They also had a band, brass, I think. Each year in their uniforms they would march to (and play) at the War Memorial at Nitshill Station."

Marie Ashforth Hackett

Lillian did not really remember any Christmas parties being held at school. The only one she could remember was the leaver’s disco, which was held in Minsky’s in Shawlands. Everyone went to it, including the Priest.

Lillian Gaughan, Glasgow

I was not quite five at the end of WWII. My only memory is that a bonfire was built and lit in the middle of Maybole Street. Many people celebrated. The back greens had two air raid shelters; one was an Anderson (underground) shelter, covered in grass; the other was a 6’ or 8’ high concrete structure, with cement seats inside which ran the length of the shelter.”

Marie Hackett (Ashworth), New Jersey, U.S.A.

Catriona Rasdale & Ann McDonald celebrating a birthday at 306 Peat Road.

Submitted by Susan Rasdale