Nitshill Memories Final Words

The History

Nitshill Memories

Final Words

There is so much more I can recall, but it would require a lot of ink and paper, but suffice it to say, I set  out to note changes in the district, and there have been many. We liked the old village life, but we did not see ahead the amenities we would have laid on at this time. We have new people around now of various moods and various types, but people matter, and considering all things, ‘Yes’ must be the answer to ‘Is Today better than Yesterday?’. What the new folks will never hear is the noise of the pit wheels whirling, the clippity-clop of the horses, the lowing of the cattle in the meadow and the pleasantest sound of all – the laughter of the children on the village greens, unworried about safety rules, because the fast traffic had still to come.’

 – JB Hunter